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2024 Outing Guide
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92nd Annual Outing
Wallowa Mountains

July 27 - August 10, 2024

92nd Annual Outing

Campsite on the Nez Perce Homeland near Wallowa, Oregon

July 27 - August 10, 2024

Our 2024 Outing destination is near Wallowa, Oregon, with hiking and climbing opportunities in the Wallowa Mountains, Eagle Cap Wilderness and the Zumwalt Prairie. The campsite is the one we used in 2016 - The Nez Perce Homeland. One side of our campsite is bordered by the Wallowa River with beautiful grassy uplands on another side.  The Nez Perce Homeland website and the linked Visitor Center site include pictures and more information about the history of this place that we will be privileged to share for two weeks.



Registrations:  Registration for the 2024 Annual Outing will be open in early April. Registration and payment will be due July 1, although applications will be taken for a short time after that date if space is still available.  Continue to watch this page for any further notices as well as the camp and trail guide.

Non-members wishing to attend must first go to the Chemeketans’ Becoming a Member page to apply and pay for membership (it’s a bargain at $20 per year!)  After that, they may return to this page and sign up for the Annual Outing as Chemeketans Members. Members of groups associated with the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs (FWOC) may sign up by printing and mailing registration and liability forms along with the same fee as members. 

Covid-19: Since Covid-19 is still circulating, we want to be as careful as possible during this group camping experience. Up-to-date vaccines are strongly recommended.  We encourage the use of masks whenever you feel it is appropriate for yourself or in consideration of others around you. Masks could be especially important in confined situations such as carpooling (required if the driver requests). Wash hands often, always before meals and lunch preparation, and appropriately cover coughs. Withdraw yourself from the Outing (with notice to the Outing Governor and Registrar) if you become ill. 

The above paragraph will be updated if new recommendations are published by the CDC or Oregon Health Authority.

 If you haven’t attended before it is quite an operation - the club hires professional cooks and provides hot meals for breakfast and supper and a make-your-own lunch for the trail. We'll set up a tented camp kitchen and huge dining tent. Many hands will be needed for camp set-up Saturday morning, July 27.  Campers bring their own camping shelter and equipment and are assigned camp duties. 


Getting There:  The drive from Salem is about 350 miles. The campsite is reserved for Friday, July 26, for first week campers who wish to arrive early.  However, no meals are provided until supper on Saturday, July 27.  Second week campers may arrive after breakfast on Saturday, August 3 – first meal provided is supper.


Weather and Habitat:  During late July and early August (according to U.S. climate data) average daily high temperature in the town of Wallowa is 87 F, average low 47 F, and average rainfall for the month of July is less than an inch. Daytime temperatures could, of course, be much colder when hiking in higher elevations. The campsite elevation is just under 3,000 feet.

Camp Meals:  
A hot breakfast, dinner, and a brown-bag lunch, including vegetarian entrees will be provided from the first Saturday dinner (July 27) through the last Saturday lunch (August 10).  Dishes and utensils are provided. The club hires cooks and pots and pans washers, but other duties are shared by campers.

Special dietary needs:  Because of our small kitchen and limited choices available from the food service vendors that we must depend on for deliveries, we cannot promise to provide for all special diets. A vegetarian main option will be provided at each dinner.  Those who want that option must indicate so on their registration form.  Some dinner main options are also dairy-free.  A salad bar and a vegan/gluten free side dish will also be available at dinner. PLEASE NOTE: Gluten free dishes are not guaranteed to be completely gluten free, as they will be cooked in a kitchen with other food with gluten. Lunch offerings will include a variety of breads, corn tortillas, meats, cheeses, peanut butter, cut vegetables (such as carrots, peppers, and lettuce), fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruits and snack bars. Oatmeal and other foods will be available at breakfast, as well as plant-based milk (e.g., soy, almond) for those who cannot eat dairy. 


Duties: The Outing is a cooperative enterprise.  Duties are assigned prior to camp and posted near the registration area.  Please check your assigned duties shortly after arriving at camp because your duties may start with the first meal. If you are going to arrive for camp late or leave early, be sure to indicate on your registration form or notify the Outing Chair or Governor. Camp duties are described in the 2024 Outing Guide. If there are any duties you are unable to perform, please indicate so in the "Preferred Duties" section of the reservation form so we can consider that in duty assignments.


Drinking Water, Showers and Electricity:  The campsite has drinking water and shower facilities. There is electricity for kitchen use and to recharge personal devices but not to supply RVs. Cell phone coverage (although not 5G) should be available through several major carriers. If this information is critical for you, you may wish to check with your own provider.


Pets:  Pets are not allowed at the Outing, with the exception of trained service animals.


Hiking: Hiking is the main activity of the Outing, and the Outing Guide will include descriptions of hikes and specifics about signing up for and leading hikes.  There will be a number of hikes each day. Anyone can start a sign-up sheet and organize a hike.


Passes and Fees: A number of trails in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest may require a Day-Use Pass, National Forest Pass or a Senior Lifetime Pass. Information about hiking in the area and about which trails require passes can be found at the US Forest Service page for the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest 

Truck Loading: All attendees in the Salem area are expected to participate in either truck loading or unloading.  Loading will take place on Thursday, July 25, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Bridges Storage, 4370 Silverton Rd. NE, Salem (just east of Lancaster Dr.) Better to have too many hands than too few.  This is always a good social event and a way to connect with others who will be attending the Outing.  Camp and hiking guides will be available. Bring gloves and work clothes and water. Unloading is on Sunday, August 11, also 6:30-8:30 p.m.


Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretive Center provides history and current activities of the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce. The Center is located at 209 E. Second St, Wallowa, OR; phone 541-886-3101. Visitor Center - Nez Perce Homeland

Wallowa County Museum
is in an 1888 bank building at 110 S. Main, in Joseph. It includes a Nez Perce room. Open Wednesday through Monday 10 AM to 4 PM.  

Joseph Branch Rail Riders
is a pedal-powered, two or four-seat rail cars that use two sections of abandoned rail line. See

Wallowa Lake Tramway
is located at the far end of Wallowa Lake and offers an exciting trip to the top of Mt. Howard, ascending 3,700 feet in 15 minutes. At the top, you’ll find trails with beautiful views and a restaurant appropriately named The Summit Grill.

opportunities are available on the Wallowa, Minam, Grande Ronde, and Snake Rivers.

Willowa County has some information on biking opportunities at

Valley Bronze of Oregon
is a bronze foundry and gallery in Joseph. Guided tours are available. Phone for the foundry is 541-432-7551. A number of bronze sculptures line Joseph’s main street with more in local art galleries.

 2023 Annual Outing Fees Per Week 
  Adult (age 15+) Member *                $220         
  Age 11-14   $150
  Age 6-10   $75 
  Age 0-5    Free

*Includes other Federation of Western Outdoor Club members.

The guide linked below will provide additional details and hike descriptions.

2024 Outing Guide

OUTING HISTORY: For a complete listing of past Outing locations click Here