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Climbing Training Hike Program

The Chemeketan Climbing Training Hike Program is designed to keep climbers in shape through a series of training hikes. Most hikes will take place during weekday evenings but some will be on the weekend. Since these hikes are geared towards climbers, they take place usually on very steep trails.

These hikes are also open to non-climbers who are interested in a good workout.


Meeting Time: Typically, the Salem Motor Pool Park and Ride, 1100 Airport Rd SE. If meeting at the trailhead, plan accordingly. Be on time, as we leave promptly!

Hike: Since these are training hikes, many times there will not be a specific "end" to the hike, but rather a "turn around time." The leader will establish a turn around time to get hikers back to the vehicles before, or shortly after, dark.

Gear: Make sure you have your 10 essentials, plenty of water, rain gear, and a working headlamp. Trekking poles are HIGHLY recommended by many as the trails are very steep.

Pace: There will always be varying speeds of hikers. A sweep will be designated to bring up the rear on each hike. Many times hikes break up into multiple groups going at different speeds. Don’t be afraid to come if you feel you are “slow”.


Feel free to contact Billy Bob for any general questions. If you have a specific question about a hike on the schedule, please contact the hike leader.

Training Hike Schedule

Click the "?" on the schedule below for additional details about the hike.
Date DayActivity/Rating Climb Leader
Jan 7Sun
Henline Mountain
?Billy Bob Davis
Jan 13Sat
Halls Ridge
?Shonee Langford
Jan 14Sun
Kentucky falls & Sweet Creek falls
?Billy Bob Davis
Jan 21Sun
Dog Mountain
?Billy Bob Davis
Jan 28Sun
Natural Rock Arch via Rocky Top "trail"
?Billy Bob Davis
Feb 11Sun
Mary's Peak Potluck!
?Billy Bob Davis
Feb 25Sun
Snowshoe to Frozen Waterfalls
?Billy Bob Davis
Mar 10Sat
Mayflower "trail"
?Billy Bob Davis
Mar 24Sat
?Billy Bob Davis
Apr 7Sat
?Billy Bob Davis

Revised 2 Apr 2017